"The danger involved with skating sets it apart as a sport," Lysacek points out. "Some extreme sports are on this level, but with skating, if you're not totally focused, you could die from performing these tricks." In terms of strength, Lysacek's muscles must be in perfect balance. Single-leg exercises like the bowler squat help prevent inequalities in leg strength, decreasing the chance of injury.

Stand on your right leg with your left leg elevated and bent behind you. With a light dumbbell in your left hand (start with a 15 pounder to get your bearings), sink into a single-leg squat with your right leg. At the bottom of the squat, reach across your right leg with your weight-bearing arm and gently touch the dumbbell to the floor on the outside of your right foot. Come out of the rotation, return to center, and press up and out of the squat. Repeat five sets of 10 on each leg. Do not alternate legs between reps.