It may be a shrinking minority, but there are still some diehard BlackBerry users who can't let the idea of a physical keyboard go – even faced with dozens of smartphones that do just about everything else better. Specifically aimed at that crowd, the Typo is a snap-on protective case that bridges the divide by adding a BlackBerry-esque keyboard to an iPhone 5 or 5s.

Unfortunately, the design is more than a little clunky. Not only do you have to charge it separately, but the case (which pairs with the phone via Bluetooth) makes the once-sleek iPhone noticeably larger and a bit top-heavy. It also covers up the fingerprint sensor of the 5s – one of the most beloved features of the new smartphone – and disables the iPhone's native autocorrect function. But even with these issues, the backlit keys expertly mimic a BlackBerry (so much so that the company is being sued), and if you're addicted to the satisfying key clicks of your outmoded device, you now have no more excuses not to upgrade. [$99;]