Before starting his own namesake label and reviving the stalwart sportswear line Gant, Michael Bastian cut his teeth working at Polo and has fast become Ralph Lauren's heir apparent by shaking the mothballs from classic Americana. Somehow, between designing two lines, he managed to quit smoking: "I stopped thanks to electronic cigarettes – you get the nicotine with none of the junk in your lungs, and you get the thing in your hand to play with."

The Rebirth of Double-Breasted Jackets
"We're seeing a lot of guys accepting the idea of a double-breasted jacket for the first time in ages. Everyone remembers David Letterman wearing that big, boxy one opened up – and I love the hell out of Letterman – but he wasn't selling that look. In this shoot [left], I'm wearing one unbuttoned. Normally that means a lot of jacket flying around, so we cut ours slimmer, which allows you to open it up."

Honoring the Classics
"We all have that barn jacket from college, that red down vest, that trench coat – certain things never went out of style. When the economy fell apart, a lot of guys said, 'I wanna use my money wisely.' So they sink their money into one great piece, then wear the hell out of it."

Host's Wisdom
"The trick to throwing a great dinner party is, don't get too crazy about guests messing up your place. Expect that they're gonna flick ash into the houseplant and knock something over. The best hosts laugh it off. Cry the next day. Otherwise you kill the vibe."