BEST FOR: Those looking to try minimalism without going overboard

Weight: 8.4 oz Drop: 10.5mm

Adidas claims that this shoe proves "lightweight is for everyone." After pounding the pavement in the newly slimmed-down Tempos, we think they've got a pretty strong case, since the neutral kicks do a good job of increasing road-feel without sacrificing the cushioning and support that most runners look for. "They're light, breathe well, and are perfect for a mid-foot strike, yet have enough support for 13-mile runs," said one tester. Reported another: "They're light without being too thin, well-cushioned without being too stiff, and flexible without being jarring." We found them suitable for both long runs and speedwork. Try the Tempo 5s on in-store: A few runners felt their snug fit necessitated wearing a half-size up. [$110;]