Until recently, if your lifestyle demanded a "rugged" phone, your options were limited to beefy blocks resembling 1990s Nokia models on steroids – fat dial pads and certainly no smart features. Kyocera has shattered that model with the Torque.

Capable of being immersed in water for up to 30 minutes, the tough touchscreen is a perfect option for people looking for something that feels as home in the wilderness as it does in the office. We put the device through a brutal battery of tests involving salt water, a 10-foot drop, and a sandy burial – it pulled through like a champion. The Torque sports a battery life of 18.9 hours of Sprint 4G LTE talk time and is capable of resisting extreme temperatures, solar radiation, salt fog, and shock – all while running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Front and rear-facing cameras mean you'll never lose a wild moment, and Sprint Direct Connect ensures you can quickly execute a stone-faced, reliably connected call to someone else with the push-to-talk feature – even if it's just to your cubicle-dwelling coworker. And download or surf the Web all you want, since Sprint still offers its unlimited data plan for a reasonable, and unrivaled, $80 a month. [$99 with a two-year contract, sprint.com and kyocera-wireless.com]