The pitch: "Scraper" is not really a fair description of this powerful tool. With the two-handed design and serious build quality, this thing casts ice off your windshield with extreme prejudice.

The goodsIf you've never been late to work because of an $8 cheap brush-and-scrape tool that gave you one sore forearm, you might not need the Thor Ice Scraper. If you live in the colder climes, you'll appreciate the dual glass-safe blades, telescoping reach, rubber handles, and two-arm action of the Thor (originally dubbed the "Snowdozer"). The inventor is from Urbana, Illinois, so you know this thing has been field tested.

The result: Thor rapidly received enough votes on crowdsourced design site Quirky so that investment and production followed quickly on the heals of the proposal. More than 36,000 sold so far, after just a month in fast-moving development. [$20.99;]