When Speed thinks back to his college days, he fondly remembers a road trip he and a few friends took down to New Orleans, where he drank his first Hurricane in Pat O'Brien's Bar. The Main Bar is said to be the birthplace of the heady drink. "It was my feeling, when I was walking around afterwards, that the Hurricane produces a custom-made delirium for those streets," Levitch recalls. "The buzz from the drink was much like a guide, helping me absorb and comprehend that very unique place." (Our sentiments exactly.)

After you've downed a couple and are ready for a livelier crowd, walk across the carriageway to Pat O'Brien's Piano Bar. The scene is deep and dark, replete with green-jacketed waiters, dueling pianos, and a copper-topped bar. Though the lines may be out the door, it's worth the wait to scrawl the title of your favorite song on a napkin and pass it up to the musicians. If you're lucky, you'll have the whole place singing with you. And although it may be tempting, just remember: no "Piano Man." [Pat O'Brien's Bar; 718 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA, 504-525-4823]