Shaking off the morning haze of an abruptly ended REM cycle is easier when you have a regular ritual that makes the morning transition consistent and friction-free. For Greenberg, that means a douse first thing. "I am in the shower probably within – I don't think this is an exaggeration – 30 seconds of that alarm going off," he says. "The hardest part of my day is the first five minutes. But once you get into a shower and get yourself moving a little bit and your brain starts working and you start looking over notes and get a little something to eat, then, all of a sudden, it's no longer relevant what time it is anymore."

Golic is less ambitious and says his morning is complete after brushing his teeth and a splashing water on his face. He jokes that he does not need as much help as his partner. "Greeny probably takes 10 showers a day," says Golic. "If you took that away from him, there'd be some issues."