Daryl and Carol. Glenn and Maggie. Rick and Carl. Traveling in groups, or at least in twos, has been one of the most strictly adhered to practices throughout the series. Which seems logical, but it may always not be the smartest move. "In a wilderness situation in territory that everyone in the group is not intimately familiar with, I avoid splitting up unless it is absolutely necessary," says Dessinger. "The inefficiencies and problems that come about from splitting up are rarely worth it. One thing that often happens is that a group doesn't show up at a rendezvous point at the appointed time. Do we send people looking for them? Do we wait? What happens if the search party doesn't come back on time? It can just snowball.

Something most people have experienced is going to the store with someone and at some point splitting up, then having to spend 10 to 15 minutes searching for the other person," says Dessinger. "It would have been faster to have both gone though the store together than to spend the time afterward searching for the other person. Now put a whole bunch of trees, canyons, streams, bad weather moving in, and a few more miles between you."