We doubt anyone ever predicted that the heavy, slow, globular, and pedestrian Volkswagen Bus would one day be considered a collectible. But then one sold at a 2011 Barrett-Jackson auction for over $200,000 and the market took off – perhaps a bit irrationally. "Given the proper condition and originality," Gooding says, "these cars can be very collectible." (He sold one this summer for $120,000.) "People buy them on a whim," he says, "because they see them, and are nostalgic." But don't expect this model to go into the stratosphere. "Nostalgic whims can work with a five-figure car," Gooding cautions, "but not with an eight-figure one." Regardless, he imagines that we're likely to see more of them in future sales – though not too many. "We have to be selective," he says. "We can't have an auction full of them."