9 Adventures on Volcanoes

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Bandama Caldera
Mark Williamson / Getty Images7/9

Bandama Caldera

The Canary Islands are home to a geological gem: an inactive volcanic crater, the Caldera de Bandama. Formed around 5,000 years ago, the caldera, a large cauldron-like depression that forms following the evacuation of a magma chamber, is walkable on the outskirts of the chamber, as well as the floor, which is 656 feet below for a different visual perspective. The flora of the caldera consists of a mixture of palm trees, dragos, and juniper. The caldera also contains a small hole in the ground — a relic from World War II with a secret bunker and hidden windows.

Experience it: The Hoyos de Bandama winery next to the caldera has underground rooms built from the volcanic debris.

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