Canine Sidekicks: The Most Famous Adventure Dogs in America

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Golden Retriever, 1½ years old

In March, Kicker led a backcountry snowboarding tour into a remote Utah slot canyon, then ice-climbed out with Andrew Muse, his partner. Muse is the producer of Tiny Home Adventure, a Web series that documents Kicker's road trips around Alaska, as the star of the second season. Kicker has skied from 12,000-foot peaks in Utah's Wasatch and paraglided off sand dunes on Oregon's coast. Prior to Kicker, Muse had another golden retriever named Booter, who died in a car crash. "I thought I'd never get another dog," says Muse. Then two months later, Muse got a call from the firefighter who tended to Booter after the accident. He bred retrievers and had one he wanted Muse to have. Kicker was that dog. "It was beyond fate," says Muse.

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