Canine Sidekicks: The Most Famous Adventure Dogs in America


Miniature Blue Heeler, 7 years old

Whisper may be the only dog to have climbed Yosemite's El Cap and the Eiger, in Switzerland. And she is almost certainly the first to BASE jump from peaks including Half Dome. She was the constant sidekick to climber and BASE jumper Dean Potter, who tucked Whisper into his backpack while climbing and into a custom-designed BASE rig when flying. Apparently Whisper loved it. "It was like a dog sticking her head out the window," says Jenn Rapp, who had been Potter's girlfriend. "Whisper was so happy when they finished." Whisper stopped jumping after Potter's death in a 2015 accident. She's now preoccupied with her new brother, West, a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, who Whisper constantly humps. "People think Whisper is this badass superdog," says Rapp. "But she's just a barking, herding, normal dog."