Everest 2017: The Teams to Watch

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Leslie Binns
Leslie Binns5/7

Leslie Binns

Leslie Binns, a military veteran who served in the British Army in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, is back to finish what he started in 2016. Last season on Everest, Binns was working his way up a fixed line about 500 meters from the summit, when heard screams and saw another climber, Sunita Hazra from India, falling down the line toward him. Binns broke her fall and helped her get steady, but Hazra collapsed shortly after. Binns gave her his oxygen and aborted his summit attempt to help her back to camp. He is credited with saving her life. Binns, who is blind in his left eye from an explosion he endured in Afghanistan, hopes to make it all the way to the summit in 2017, and raise awareness around the fact that wounded soldiers can still achieve great heights.

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