The 25 Most Adventurous Men of the Past 25 Years

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Felix Baumgartner
Balazs Gardi / Redux18/25

Felix Baumgartner

Baumgartner will always be remembered for his stratospheric jump streamed live online, dropping from 128,000 feet and breaking the sound barrier during his four-minute, 20-second free fall. But prior to that, the 48-year-old had reeled off a string of equally mind-blowing jumps. Here are just a few of his unconventional exploits.

Highs and Lows: In 1999, Baumgartner set a BASE-jump record with a leap from Kuala Lumpur's 1,500-foot Petronas Twin Towers, then the tallest buildings on Earth. Later that year, he climbed to the out­stretched arms of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue and launched off, nailing the lowest jump (95 feet).

Going for Distance: In 2003, Baumgartner strapped a chute and a carbon-fiber wing to his back and soared for 22 miles across the English Channel.

Doubling Down: In 2006, Baumgartner skydived onto the roof of Sweden's 625-foot Turning Torso building, then cut away from his main parachute and BASE-jumped from the top. "There are very few of us who have left such a big mark," says fellow BASE jumper Luke Aikins. "It's that adventurous spirit of guys like Felix that shows us nothing is impossible."

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