The 35 Best Climbing Spots in America

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The West: Momentum — Millcreek
Courtesy Momentum17/35

The West: Momentum — Millcreek

Opened in 2014, Millcreek is Momentum’s fifth location and the best climbing gym in the Mountain States. The owner, Jeff Pedersen, was the first to use the now-ubiquitous Walltopia walls, and the Momentum is constantly looking to innovate. The largest rock gym in the state, Millcreek has every type of route imaginable, and some of the overhangs run up to 70 feet. The gym is just south of Salt Lake City, which is home to many professional climbers.

Closest Town: Millcreek, Utah
Roped Routes: 190
Wall Area: 25,000 sq. ft.
Wall Height: 50 ft.
Bouldering: Yes

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