The Top 5 National Monuments Facing the Chopping Block Under Trump’s Review

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Katahdin Woods and Waters (Maine)

Katahdin Woods and Waters (Maine)

Set at the foot of Mount Katahdin in Maine, this National Monument has a lot of history behind it. The co-founder of Burt's Bees purchased the land in the early 2000s before donating it to the federal government, specifically to make it a national monument. In 2016, then-President Obama made that happen.

But opposition to the designation has been fierce — particularly from Maine's governor, Paul LePage. He has called the designation a "unilateral action against the will of the people, this time the citizens of rural Maine." When President Trump signed his executive order for the review, LePage was at his side.

"Governor LePage made it clear at today's hearing that he thinks it should be logged for paper products," says Weiss. "It's land that has been logged — at least parts of it were logged — in the past. The governor thinks it's a useless landscape right now, and he just wants to see it as a producing forest being used for logging rather than being protected and being used for recreation and for forest growth."

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