Driven is a three-episode original video series from Men’s Journal that profiles the innovators and future-seers of our time. Check back here each week for updated content about our featured pioneers and projects. #TheDriven


Episode One

The DIY Explorers

David Lang is a maker and author who, together with Eric Stackpole, cofounded OpenROV, an online community of robot makers and marine explorers. In Driven’s premier episode, Lang and Stackpole demo the project’s first device, an underwater, open-source robot that was designed by OpenROV members. Watch »


By creating and manning the Solar Impulse, the world’s first solar airplane capable of flying day or night, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are on their way to breaking aviation records. Having successfully flown their craft across the United in the summer of 2013, the duo’s next goal is to circumnavigate the globe on the Solar Impulse in 2015. Watch »


Episode Three

The Flying Photographer

George Steinmetz is an award-winning photographer who captures the world from a unique perspective – aboard a motorized paraglider. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic and his work spans a wide variety of topics from breathtaking aerial images of Arabian Pennisula’s vast sand sea to intimate portraits of the unknown tree people of the Irian Jaya. Steinmetz’s current passion project is taking him across the globe in search of vistas that evoke Martian landscapes. Watch »

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