5 Reasons Why This has Been the Strangest NFL Season in Recent Memory

Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots passes the ball during the second quarter against the Chicago Bears at Gillette Stadium on October 26, 2014 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Credit: Jim Rogash / Getty Images

Another week of football is upon us, and whether you're still rooting for your hometown squad to make it all the way to Arizona for the Super Bowl in February, or it's all about your fantasy team racking up points for you now, there's a pretty good chance that this season wasn't exactly what you thought it would be. Of course, it never goes as planned, but the script has been especially strange when you take these five things into consideration: 

1. The Arizona Cardinals are the best team in football

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals are currently No. 1. Not the defending champs (who are in the same division as the Cards), the team they beat to become the champs, or any other team you picked to be 8-1 this far into a season with a roster containing maybe two players that anybody outside the state of Arizona can name off without looking it up on their phones. 

2. We're worried about Seattle

At 6-3, the Seahawks are looking better than a lot of teams in the league, but seem to have lost a little of that fire that made them seem like the next great NFL dynasty. From banishing Percy Harvin to the hapless Jets in October to the talk that Marshawn Lynch is as good as gone after this season (off to put velvet ropes around his Lamborghini in another city), the Seahawks winning multiple Lombardi trophies doesn't look as likely as it did last February. 

3. The Bears suck, the Cowboys don't

Two teams that are trying to reclaim their former glory, the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys, have somewhat similar stories; they both have the gunslinger quarterback that always ends up underachieving, and it felt like this could be a big year for Chicago and the end of the road for Romo and Dallas. Both of them. Whoops. Dallas is sailing into the Playoffs on the strength of their QB (and Demarco Murray's record breaking season). The Bears are an entirely different story deserving of more than one good Onion article

4. The Browns are doing better than LeBron in Cleveland 

The AFC North is currently the tightest division in football, and the Cleveland Browns are sitting at the top of it even without putting Johnny Manziel in to play. And this is without All Pro receiver Josh Gordon, who returns next week. 

5. The old guys look ageless

Tom Brady is playing as well as he ever did during New England's three Super Bowl wins, Big Ben is breaking records, Aaron Rogers is playing some of the best football of his stellar career, and Peyton is Peyton. Aside from maybe Andrew Luck, the older quarterbacks are still showing why they're some of the greatest ever.