Episode 4: Driving the Tail of the Dragon

Dhani takes the passenger's seat and hands over the Porsche's helm to renowned automotive journalist (and 'Men's Journal' contributor) Ezra Dyer, who demonstrates how to properly utilize the superior agility and balance inherent in the mid-engine Boxster on North Carolina’s world-famous Tail of the Dragon driving road, all the while professing his love for automobiles.


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Slaying the Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon is a true monster, and the keepsakes of its victims that are on display should be fair warning to proceed with caution. View Gallery

Dhani tames the famed driving road while passing through Tennessee on his way to North Carolina. Watch Now

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Former linebacker Dhani Jones played 11 seasons in the NFL for the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals. Read More

About the Vehicle

The 2013 Porsche Boxster, inspired by icons and engineered to become a legend all its own. Click to Explore More