7 Ways to Raise Kids Who Love to Exercise

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Demonstrate the importance of exercise
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Demonstrate the importance of exercise

Remember: Kids are always watching you. “Parents play a critical role in terms of inspiring healthy habits in their kids and laying a foundation for healthy behaviors that last a lifetime,” says Daniel Hatfield, Ph.D, M.S., and Senior Specialist of Engagement and Analytics with the Active Schools Acceleration Project within ChildObesity180. “If dads are able to find activities they enjoy and engage in an active lifestyle, they’re not only benefiting themselves but potentially influencing their kids’ behavior.” Beyond demonstrating your own interest in fitness, you can support healthy choices by taking an active role in your kid’s activities, from volunteering to help with their school’s physical activity programming to choosing physically active family pursuits instead of sedentary ones. Even when parents themselves can’t exercise, they can still reinforce good habits by cheering them on.

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