7 Ways to Raise Kids Who Love to Exercise

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Ease them into competitive sports
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Ease them into competitive sports

Some kids might be uncomfortable or sensitive in team or competitive settings. The first step to bringing up a kid who will actually enjoy Little League is open communication. “In most cases, a child may say, ‘I am afraid if I do bad, nobody will like me or I will get embarrassed.’ So trying to build up their confidence through continual 'active and repetitive play' may be the solution,” Saunders says. “Practice with your child until they hit their comfort level within a time frame that works for them. Always give constant reinforcement and try to achieve a high level of success that meets their personal level, rather than comparing to other children.” Saunders recommends starting with one playmate, then adding more kids as your child’s comfort level increases. Just be careful not to invite a bunch of competitive, highly skilled playmates, Saunders says. In other words, don't pair them with kids who already look NFL-bound, thinking it'll make them work harder. It will probably do the opposite.

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