7 Ways to Raise Kids Who Love to Exercise

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Give them a choice
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Give them a choice

You might hope to train a power forward to follow in your footsteps, but you’ll have more luck raising a lifelong exerciser if you focus on a sport or activity your kid actually enjoys. “Most dads have played on some team and they have this idea ingrained of how you go about training or exercising,” says Steve Ettinger, nationally recognized kids’ fitness expert. “But giving [kids] autonomy and a choice in the activity makes the experience more positive and makes them feel like they have some control over it.” Even when asking your child to join you in an activity you pick, such as hiking, Ettinger recommends creating moments on the journey where the child gets to choose the path. Making them part of the decision process will make them enjoy it more, and be more likely to take you up on your offer to shoot a few hoops.

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