7 Ways to Raise Kids Who Love to Exercise

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Think games over workouts
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Think games over workouts

You probably don’t get very excited about the prospect of running five miles on a treadmill, and your kid won’t either. Rather than forcing kids into a traditional, gym-based workout routine, game-ify your activities. “Most of the kids I’ve ever met like to be active — they like to play — they just might not like to exercise in the traditional sense,” says Ettinger. “Make it play. Sometimes it’s as simple as the fact that kids love to be timed. If you’re running from one side of the backyard to the other, tell them to do it 10 times and they may not be enthusiastic. But challenge them to time them, and their interest increases tenfold.” You can also try bringing a favorite element from a video game outdoors, Ettinger says. “Make them the main character and create an obstacle course that’s related to the game. Most kids love anything with a story.”

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