6 Easy Ways to Make Your Boots Last Longer

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Don't Wear the Same Pair Everyday

Don't Wear the Same Pair Everyday

Good boots are built to withstand your sweat, but they’re not impervious to its effects. Which is why it’s important to let shoes dry out.

“Better boots usually have leather linings, and you tend to sweat a lot from your feet,” Spaddacini said. “That’s just part of having a human body. So I tend not to wear the same shoes or boots two days in a row. I like my boots to be able to breathe and have all the moisture evaporate.” 

Like all of us, Spaddacini sometimes breaks this rule (and it usually happens with the military inspired boot you see above). But when he does, he uses removable fabric insoles that help absorb some of the moisture on the inside, and switches them out with each consecutive wear. It's a lot cheaper than, say, buying all of the boots featured in this piece.

[$348; mgemi.com]

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