The Best Exercises For a Thick, Powerful Chest

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Bent Forward Cable Crossovers

Bent Forward Cable Crossovers

Why It Works: Even the thickest chest won’t look all that impressive while slouching. Since most of us slump in front of computers all day, exercises that challenge your posture are crucial. Because you’re pulling, not pushing, this move does exactly that. Plus, it taxes your “inner chest,” or the sternal head of the muscle, giving you that well-defined center edge. In the ACE study, this move was third-best for total pectoral engagement.

How to Do It: Set up a cable pulley on either side of you. Reach down and grab one in each hand, using an underhand grip. With a slight forward bend, bring your arms up in front of you, crossing them right at your wrists at the top of the movement. Lower down and repeat.

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