The Best Exercises For a Thick, Powerful Chest

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Dumbbell Chest Flies

Dumbbell Chest Flies

Why It Works: Most moves focus on the pectoralis major, which is great, since that’s the main muscle in your chest. But the pectoralis minor is important too. “It connects with the shoulder, so if you strengthen it you can protect yourself from rotator cuff issues,” says Michael Reyes, fitness manager and a trainer at Equinox Sports Club in Boston. This move is one of his favorites for targeting the pectoralis minor.

How to Do It: Lie back on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Start with the dumbbells extended out over your chest. Bring your arms out to your sides, bending your elbows slightly as needed to keep the work in your chest. Really focus on pushing back up to the starting point. Reyes says that work phase of the exercise is the push back up to center, not lowering the weights out to the sides.

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