Want to Crush a Tough Mudder Race? This Workout Is All You Need

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Strength Workouts
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Strength Workouts

You need a lot of strength to do a Tough Mudder, but particularly grip and pull strength. “You have to hold up your body weight while traversing the obstacles,” says DeWindt. “Monkey bars may have been fun as a kid, but add in slippery mud and a tired body, and your grip might fail you.” Improve it by doing one of these workouts one to two times a week, alone or paired with an agility workout.

Dead Hangs

Hang as long as you can from a pull-up bar until your grip fails you. Rest 60 seconds and repeat five times.

Farmer Carries and Push-Ups

Grab a set of dumbbells between 35 and 75 pounds. Walk as far as you can with a dumbbell in each hand until your grip fails you. At that point, do a set of push-ups to failure. Rest 90 seconds and repeat five times.

Pull, Pull, Pull!

Set up a barbell so that it weighs 135 to 225 pounds and place it near a pull-up bar. Do 10 barbell deadlifts, then immediately do 10 pull-ups (use a band if necessary). Rest 30 seconds (no more than that), repeat 10 times.

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