Your Post-Election Survival Guide

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For a Taste of Political Civility, Travel Abroad
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For a Taste of Political Civility, Travel Abroad

To help wash away the bitter taste of this divisive election, visit a less embattled government. Your easiest bet for this is a short flight to Vancouver or Toronto. Both Canadian cities have ample outdoors options, emerging food scenes, and a political climate that, even at its most bitter (see, the election of Toronto's former mayor Rob Ford), is more cordial than what we've just experienced.

Of course, Canada is only just coming off of a decade under its business-friendly conservative party, so for the more liberal minded — talking to you Bernie followers — Scandinavia is your playground. "There’s a reason Denmark and Sweden frequently make lists as the worlds most livable countries," says Leigh Barnes, Regional Director of Intrepid Travel, "They’re quite progressive,” with the government providing citizens with a large range of social benefits such as healthcare and guaranteed parental leave for the entire population. Hang in a kaffebar for a fika (coffee break) in Stockholm or Kongens, or in gardens in Copenhagen to watch civil political discourse in action. Take notes.

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