Hollywood's Most Kickass Home Theaters
Courtesy Barco

We could go in on the merits of a stunning bathroom renovation or how to best build a well-connected garage, but let’s be real: The best home upgrade is turning your living room into a theater. And no surprise, some of the best screening rooms in the country belong to Hollywood A-Listers. “These clients are willing to spend more to get the top of the line, because they are typically spending a lot more hours watching films than others,” says Brian Pinkett of Landry Design Group, who has helped craft spaces for Mark Wahlberg, Wayne Gretzky, and Tom Brady. “They also don’t mind getting more creative with the space, whether that means putting in an air hockey table or a secret hidden bar where people can enjoy a drink before, during and after.”

Like anything else, it’s the details that make the space personal. Here are some of the ways stars of screen and sound went whole-hog on killer home entertainment systems.