The 10 Best Late-Period Robert De Niro Performances

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2. Stone (2010)
Everett Collection 9/10

2. Stone (2010)

De Niro and Edward Norton teamed up (along with Marlon Brando) in the perfectly serviceable heist thriller The Score, which could have made this list for De Niro's relaxed movie-star charisma. That movie was a minor hit; the second Norton/De Niro collaboration, Stone, was barely released. But it's a fascinating film even when it fails, with De Niro playing more or less a human bottle of rage. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of it is that the Norton/De Niro/Brando trio can sub in Milla Jovovich for Brando and come up with a more interesting bunch of act-off scenes. Norton plays a convict trying to drawl his way to a parole from De Niro's gruff officer, and Jovovich plays the convict's wife, who tries to do some convincing of her own. The psychological drama can get a little overheated, but all three actors are terrific, and given the stranger turns of Norton and Jovovich, the sad grounding De Niro brings to the table is essential.

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