The 10 Best Late-Period Robert De Niro Performances

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8. Limitless (2011)
Everett Collection 3/10

8. Limitless (2011)

With De Niro becoming something of a movie star in his later years (even adjusting for inflation, more than half of his ten biggest hits come from 1999 or later), we've sometimes been denied the experience of Robert De Niro, character actor. He still does supporting parts in some movies, but it's understandable that if he's still being offered leads in 2,000-screen releases, he's probably going to take them, even if they're Dirty Grandpa, and that if he's going after a quick cash infusion to support his Tribeca Film Festival, there are countless shitty cop/crime thrillers where he can earn a bundle for a few days of shooting. So when he does turn in a juicy character performance, as in this supporting part in the mostly ridiculous Bradley Cooper sci-fi drama Limitless, it's all the easier to savor his polished scenery-chewing. It turns out De Niro yelling at Bradley Cooper is a pretty durable subgenre.

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