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The New Yorker Hates on 2016 Haters

The New Yorker Hates on 2016 Haters

Go figure, The New Yorker's blistering take on 2016 is actually a takedown of takedowns (we're pretty sure this list would be included). "It doesn’t mean anything to say that 2016 was the worst year ever," writes Jia Tolentino. "It’s a tic, or a token — a prayer that next year will somehow be better, which it won’t." The story moves on from hating on the haters to make a chilling point about the powerlessness that comes with social media. "Our ability to change things is not increasing at the same rate as our ability to know about them. No, 2016 is not the worst year ever, but it’s the year I started feeling like the Internet would only ever induce the sense of powerlessness that comes when the sphere of what a person can influence remains static, while the sphere of what can influence us seems to expand without limit, allowing no respite at all." That sounds about right. 

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