Headphones are an unlikely but explosive source of debate among runners, which is to say that some wear them and some believe that wearing them is less than pure. We swing both ways: Avoid them when we're feeling all zen and one with the environment, or, wear them when it'll take a backhoe or Rage Against the Machine's first album to drag us out of bed and on the trail.

Jaybird makes in-ear buds for folks like us. The Freedom Sprint is wireless, for starters, so you can tuck your music player anywhere on your person. The headphones have cushions that tuck into the contours of the ear to keep them secure, and both the cushions and the buds come in three sizes for optimal fit. The sound is the best part: It's heavy on sub-bass, so you don't get burned out on shrieky treble when you crank up the volume. [$129; jaybirdgear.com]