Every golfer knows that it's easier to buy a new putter or driver than to develop a smoother short game or stronger swing. This is why duffers replace these clubs every few years while relying on the irons handed down to them by their fathers. Everyone wants power and precision, and there is always a new club boasting that its particular loft or weighting is well suited to specific types of swings. "Statistically, people own more putters than any other club," says Brett Burdick, a product designer bent on bringing customization to the greens. "I'm hoping this is the last putter that people will have to buy."

Burdick's invention is the Brex Golf BG-1, a modular putter. The BG-1 comes equipped with three different hosels, the connectors between club face and shaft. The straight, full offset, and face balanced varieties are connected to the club head with a simple screw. Changing constructions affects results immediately, but Burdick – an engineer at heart – craves statistical confirmation that one club construction bests another. He strongly suggests that golfers try each setup a few times before deciding which one works for them. Because we adhere to Masters champ Adam Scott's clock-like approach to precision putting, the full offset hosel suited us. Still, the most important feature of the BG-1 might be that it gives players the illusion of an edge around the pin. In golf, that's often all you need.

The BG-1, which gained USGA conformity in January, has a standard-length shaft (34 inches, though 32-35 is available) and weight (a 350-gram head) and an IOMIC grip distinctive for both its color (white) and feel (smooth). It also features a unique half-pipe design that makes hitting the ball square as simple as reading the line on one of the interchangeable club packings that give the center of the face a loud, solid-feeling ping.

"One putter can't appeal to everybody," admits Burdick. "I accept that, but feedback is a big deal."

More information: Try out all three hosels with the BG-1 Complete Package for $475. If you already know your desired specs, the BG-1 putter is available for $299. BG's putters are currently only available for right-handers.