Time may be running out on Scott's method for sinking putts, as The United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient, golf's governing bodies, are still considering a ban on the professional use of long putters. This is fitting in some ways because Scott, who uses a broomstick-style putter, believes this part of the so-called short game is all about timing. "The key to putting is having the club head swing like a pendulum. Thing of the spring arm of a clock," he says. "That's what you want your putter head to be doing. You don't want to be forcing anything to get in the way of your free-swinging pendulum." After calling on Williams for a second set of eyes on his putts' break and speed, Scott enacts this simple tactic. "The club will go as far back as it does forward and," as with all types of golf shots, he says, "you want to maintain nice rhythm with that."

What Scott uses: Titleist Scotty Cameron Kombi-S.

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