We've all been there back in high school; the trainer Ace-wraps ice to our twisted knee or pitch-count-tired shoulder, helping to lessen the inflammation, while speeding recovery for fatigued muscles. Back then, that was as technical as cold compressive therapy got.

Now, there's Hyperice, a collection of dedicated neoprene wraps for the shoulder, knee and back, as well as smaller ones for the ankle and elbow. Just fill with ice and apply the wrap; as ice melts, pressure on a release valve purges air, permitting the compressive wrap to lay ice down evenly – and with constant pressure to the skin. It makes icing easier, more effective, and adds a compression, another known recovery method for muscles, to the mix.

For Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin, Hyperice has become so critical to his recovery program that in lieu of product endorsement, he went the route of becoming an equity partner. "In the NBA, these guys are playing 82 games a year," says company founder Anthony Katz. "With that and all the travel, they're not looking for ways to run faster or jump higher; they're looking for ways to recover faster." [$80-130; hyperice.com]