Most campsite coffee pots make a brew that tastes as though it was filtered through a moldy old towel. For a more gourmet campground eye opener, look to the new Handpresso Wild Hybrid espresso machine. Unlike its predecessors, this portable handheld can make a demitasse-sized shot using either E.S.E. pods or loose coffee (the latter is not only better for the environment, but is easier to find in a random general store in the middle of nowhere). Fill the reservoir with clean, hot water from, say, a thermos, squeeze the bicycle-style pump to build up a consistent 16 millibars of pressure (essential for authentic espresso flavor), and add grounds into the coffee compartment. Then, just close up the entire contraption to push through a perfect cup of Joe (only one 1.34-ounce cup at a time, alas). [$130;]