For its wild, ungroomed terrain and off-the-map feel 35 miles from South Lake Tahoe, Kirkwood is considered one of the birthplaces of extreme skiing. It's a place where signs marking cliff bands say caution instead of closed. Its craggy peaks and ungroomed faces are also the perfect venue for practicing the increasingly important side of extreme skiing – snow and safety awareness – and so Kirkwood is the place to go to build backcountry skills while skiing in-bounds. One of its oldest and best programs is Expedition: Kirkwood, a series of courses on everything from how to approach a cornice to making adjustments on technical and intense terrain. It goes beyond technique with instruction on how to read the weather and avalanche awareness (Kirkwood is the largest provider of avalanche certifications on the West Coast and has 12 permanently buried transceivers around the mountain) – both essential skills for a lifetime of ducking the ropes.

More information: Expedition: Kirkwood, $20–$500;