For those feeling brazen, Carton has a bold tip to capture the attention of any audience. Lie. "This is the little trick," he says. "Three words: 'I was there.'" No intimate knowledge is required for this maneuver, just a willingness to think on your feet. "Remember the 6-overtime game between Syracuse and Connecticut in the Big East Tournament a few years ago?" Carton asks. (One of the best ever in college basketball, a nearly four-hour battle that ended with a Syracuse winning 127-117 after a breathtaking six over times.) "I was there," Carton says. "And sonofabitch, can you believe I left after the third fucking overtime because I had to go to work? Unreal!" Carton insists it's a full-proof plan, because who's going to make that up? "You can use that beyond sports," he suggests. "'Remember when the Berlin Wall came down? I was there. I actually had a hammer!'"