Claire Moseley knows a thing or two about pocket squares. Her company, O'Harrow Clothiers, makes some of the best handkerchiefs on the market, outfitting dapper men from around the country. We asked her how to actually make one of her creations look good.

"My go-to folds are the Two Point and the Winged Puff," she says. "The Two Point fold is quite simple to do. You simply fold the square in half, and – rather than doing it point to point like with a One Point fold – you allow the back side to be slightly to the right of the front. I wear this fold the most because most O'Harrow squares have a contrasting back side." The Two Point is Moseley's choice for shirt pockets, denim jackets, and even the back pocket of jeans.

"My second favorite fold is the Winged Puff," she says. "I wear this fold in most blazers. It's a bit more of a fancy fold, and I like that not a lot of people wear it. This is the kind of food that says, I know how to fold a pocket square!"

To make the Winged Puff, lay the pocket square flat so it resembles a diamond. Fold the top corner down to meet the bottom corner. Fold the left and right corners down to meet the bottom corner, making a smaller diamond. Fold the two side points in toward the center, and fold the bottom point about halfway up (the point should hit a little above the center where the two side points meet). Tuck the handkerchief into the pocket with the point up and the folds facing out.

Want to try something even more complicated? You'll want to look out for diagrams, which can make more advanced pocket origami more approachable.