Maintaining a beard can be oddly labor-intensive, between trimming, combing, freshening, and keeping excess oil at bay. When you're traveling, you need a way to take care of it without unloading your whole dopp kit in the airport or train station bathroom.

The facial hair aficionados at Beardbrand have neatly packaged a handful of grooming essentials into a small and portable pack. Designed for the bearded jet-setter, the Explorer's Kit contains airplane-approved, travel-sized versions of a boar's hair brush, a pocket-sized beard comb, and tubes of mustache wax and beard oil.

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The lightweight oil and wax are made from natural ingredients such as jojoba, beeswax, grapeseed oil, and lanolin which help soften your facial hair, reduce itchiness, and moisturize your skin (lanolin is the wool-juice that makes cashmere so soft). Available in scents like Tree Ranger, Tea Tree, and Spiced Citrus, they're ideal for a quick freshening after a long trip on a hot day, when your skin can be on the greasy side. The supplies come in a stylish canvas kit with leather accents, finished with a waterproof paisley nylon lining to provide some preemptive damage control in case the pack explodes on a flight. And the whole package is carry-on sized and TSA-approved, so toss your kit in a suitcase and hit the road.