Why they're dangerous: They're large, they're meat-lovers, and if they want to eat you, watch out, because you likely won't see them coming. "They can be right next to a bank and you don't know they're there," says Wade. "They'll spring out and grab something close to the water. They're very fast. It's the ones you can't see that you should be worried about. The ones sunbathing on the side? Yeah, don't go too close. But it's the ones that are in the water [that attack]."

How to stay safe: Avoid any area where crocs are known to live. If you do get attacked by one, unless you're very lucky, you're pretty much a goner. "I did hear of somebody who managed to stick his finger in its eye and it let him go," says Wade. "But generally speaking, if that's happened, you've had it. That's it."

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