In Alaska, people fly small planes just to pick up their mail. During your stay at Tordrillo, the same small planes will be dropping you off at remote fly-fishing holes and atop steep, deep ski descents, possibly – thanks to Alaska's 24-hour summer daylight – in the same day.

This 5,600-square-foot base camp lies at the foot of the Alaska Range and can be accessed only by a scenic, 70-mile floatplane trip from Anchorage. Fly fishermen get a chopper lift up the creek with an inflatable kayak and rod, and then get picked up downriver. The more adventurous get dropped onto the massive Triumvirate Glacier to paddleboard around the icebergs on Strandline Lake (as Laird Hamilton did during his stay). "You often wonder whether there has ever been a person there before," says Mike Overcast, a Tordrillo guide.

After a dinner pulled straight from the Talachulitna River, a whiskey at the pounded-copper bar, and a soak in the lakeside cedar hot tub under the midnight sun, the hefty price tag will feel worth every penny. [$1,100 a person plus activity costs for one day, one night;]