This Japanese restaurant, located not far from the pawn shop, is Chumlee's favorite spot in town. "It's the best Japanese steakhouse I ever ate at," he says. "They know me pretty well." Chumlee recommends the Musashi Special, which consists of "basically everything" (or, according to the menu, prawns, filet mignon, scallops, lobster tail, fried rice, and ice cream). But the food isn't the only attraction: You never know who you'll run into. "One night, I'm in there and it's really late," he recalls. "I just got back from doing an appearance somewhere and I met up with some friends. Who comes in as we're finishing? Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy turns around and goes, 'the PAWN SHOP!' It was pretty funny." [Musashi Japanese Steakhouse, 3900 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, 702-735-4744]