We love our Ultrabooks and iPads and other mod-cons as much as the next guy, but there's still much to be admired about a well-appointed desk space. Japanese brand Craft Design Technology (CDT) takes otherwise humdrum office staples and turns them into eye-pleasing but functional art for the home, office, or home office.

CDT's full line of gear includes everything from brushed steel Universal Scissors (designed to work for both righties and lefties!), to ruler, set square, and an assortment of minimalist notebooks and pads – oh, and a stapler that would make Office Space's Milton internally combust. The standout of the collection, however, is the Chrome Ball Point Pen, with its high-end brass barrel construction and mirror polished chrome finish (also available as a mechanical pencil for the stenographically noncommittal). The paperless office may be the dream, but in the meantime these luxury work tools are ready to be used – and even passed on to the next generation. [$8–$72; shop.occulter.org]