The old way to speed-chill a beer? Stick the can in the freezer and hope you don't forget about it before it turns into a suds slushie - or explodes. Not so with the LG LFX31935St French-door fridge, which has a special compartment that cools canned drinks in just five minutes. It works by blasting compressed cold air (borrowed from the freezer) while a tray gently rocks the can. Pining for Pinot Grigio? It can chill a bottle of wine in a mere eight minutes. Instant imbibing advantage aside, the 31 cubic foot, three-door fridge can fit two households worth of food, with a smart shelving system that makes it seem even larger than it actually is. And thanks to its specialized fresh filter, the unit will keep your foodstuffs surprisingly ripe and crisp. [$3,500;]