Votary's blankets belong in the backyard or at a baseball game. If it's raining, they belong on the back of the couch. What the 23-square-foot, reversible throws represent is the perfect remedy to cold bleacher seats and chilling mornings on the stoop. Made of durable acrylic that feels like high-quality wool, the blankets are outside capable and indoor chic.

The reason these spreads are ideal for spring outings is that they are both substantive and breathable: Each weighs approximately four pounds. Votary's blankets, made in a Brooklyn factory operated by the scarf company, come exclusively in patriotic flag designs that seem appropriate given their "Made in America" heritage and Kickstarter stamp of approval. The black and white flag version of the blanket – a nod to the so-called "subdued" flag patches worn by U.S. soldiers in combat – is the more comfortable option from a social standpoint, as lying on Old Glory doesn't feel quite right.

Probably because they were made by a scarf company, these blankets wrap well. Once wound around the legs or the torso, they tend to stay in place. Though the material makes them a no-go around the campfire, it also makes them absolutely ideal for a bit of stargazing – the thick, double-paneled construction keeps cold and even a bit of damp at bay. You'll be comfy staring up at thousands of stars while swathed in 50. [$225, Votaryny.com]