Hincapie has become something of an ambassador for Greenville, South Carolina, his home some 60 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina, for the past decade. A small city of 60,000, it sits in between the Sumter, Pisgah, and Chattahoochee National Forests. "This is a town for you if you're an outdoors person," he says. "There's mountain biking, world-class climbs on a road bike, and hiking." But beyond the attractions of the great outdoors, there's some pretty attractive indoor experiences as well. "There are tons of restaurants downtown, like Soby's, The Lazy Goat, and Rick Erwin's. And bars – "that's something I'm going to have to explore more in retirement." Hincapie also has a place for you to stay: He recently bought La Bastide Hotel, which he hopes will become a base camp for adventurous visitors to his chosen home. "We want people to come in from all over the world and do high-end cycling and triathlon camps and go running and just see why we love Greenville so much."