Watch more than a few minutes of any YouTube video and you'll begin to question whether our nation doesn't suffer from a mass case of the shakes. Unless you're making the next Bourne film, you owe it to your audience, subject, and self to get those bumpy shots in check – though not at the expense of creative camera movement like panning, tracking, and point-of-view (POV) shots. Performing those requires expensive dolly assemblies, though.

Enter Photojojo's Camera Table Dolly: Essentially a modular tripod on wheels, it's designed to give your videos a smoother, more professional look, be they taken on a Canon 5D Mark III, your garden variety camcorder, or even your iPhone. It's the ideal way to, say, follow the action along the side of the field in a Little League game, making those intramural-sports-themed home movies look like Zidane.

The dolly's two sets of rotating wheels are a significant step up from that old film school standby, the battered skateboard. Likewise, the 3.5-inch-wide industrial grade aluminum base keeps your camera snugly in place – and if you follow the directions, in one piece. Conveniently, the Table Dolly's included 11-inch friction arm is adjustable, meaning that you can shoot straight up, straight down, or any angle in between, by simply tightening the joints to lock your camera into place (a clamp for attaching smartphones or cameras that lack a tripod mount is included).

For even more flexibility, replace the arm with a ballhead tripod mount, (like this one from Joby) to support the weight and front-heaviness of larger lenses. The only downside is that you no longer have your tools to blame if your film comes out leaving your audience feeling nauseous.[$90;]